केंद्रीय न्यायालयिक विज्ञान प्रयोगशाला, भोपाल

Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
न्यायालयिक विज्ञान सेवाएं निदेशालय, गृह मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
Barkhera Bonder, P.O. Bairagarh Kalan, Bhopal-462030, (M.P.)
बरखेड़ा बोंदर, डाकघर-बैरागढ़ कलां, भोपाल-462030, (म.प्र.)

Director's Desk

Greetings from Director and Officers  & Staff of CFSL, Bhopal.

Central Forensic Science Laboratories (CFSLs) are a chain of premier laboratories under Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India equipped with advanced technology scientific equipments for examining and analyzing the crime case exhibits in various disciplines such as Ballistics, Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Explosives, Physics and Toxicology and reporting their findings to the various courts of law.

Three new Central Forensic Science Laboratories at Bhopal, Pune and Guwahati have been established by Government of India under the 12th five year plan project,  in addition to the already existing CFSLs at Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Kolkata,  to render the justice  in examining and analyzing the various crime case exhibits with the help of various sophisticated scientific instruments equipped with advanced technology to provide crisp and crystal clear reports to various enforcement/investigation agencies of Central Government and State Governments from where the crime case exhibits being received.

The jurisdiction of newly established CFSL, Bhopal has been defined covering the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan vide MHA Order No.25020/61/13/FW/MHA published in the Gazette of India dated 26.07.2013 and the CFSL Bhopal is functioning in  the  newly constructed building from 12.02.2019.  

CFSL, Bhopal is presently functioning with Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Explosives, and Physics Divisions. It is contemplated to  establish  other divisions such as DNA profiling (Presently, under the Biology Department), Narcotics (under Chemistry), Computer/Mobile Forensics, Audio-Video Authentication and Speaker Identification, Forensic Electronics, Forensic Engineering, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Intelligence at  CFSL, Bhopal.   

CFSL, Bhopal is presently receiving crime case exhibits related to Biology, Documents and Physics to report to the investigation agencies and the experts of the respective divisions will deliver their testimony and depose evidence to the Courts of Law. The establishments of other divisions such as Ballistics, Toxicology and crime scene management are also under development.  Newly advanced technology instruments such as Automated DNA extracting system, Genetic Analyser, PCR, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, FTIR, UV-Visible Spectrometer, Comparison Microscope, Polarising Microscope etc. are available at CFSL, Bhopal for conducting examination of crime case exhibits, for carrying out research & development activities in the respective subjects.

Apart from the above, Endeavour of making CFSL, Bhopal as an Excellence of Forensic Physical Sciences / National Forensic Academy is in progress which would infuse the theoretical and practical aspect of know how to the newly selected scientific employees of CFSLs to enhance their scientific skill in examining and analyzing the crime case exhibits related to Forensic Physical Sciences and thereby conducting research work in the grey area of the subject.

We, as whole family of CFSL, Bhopal hope that our steady progress will lead us to establish our own identity in the field of Forensic Science in the near future.




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