केंद्रीय न्यायालयिक विज्ञान प्रयोगशाला, भोपाल

Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
न्यायालयिक विज्ञान सेवाएं निदेशालय, गृह मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार

Barkhera Bonder, P.O. Bairagarh Kalan, Bhopal-462030, (MP) Phone: 0755-NA, FAX: 0755-NA
बरखेड़ा बोंदर, डाकघर-बैरागढ़ कलां, भोपाल-462030, (म.प्र.) फ़ोन: 0755-NA, फैक्स: 0755-NA

Research & Development Activity

Case related R & D activity

  • Research activity in the field of Authentication/Identification of IMEI Number of Smartphone - Forensic Significance-the case in this regard received for identification of mobile make, model from IMEI.
  • Research activity in the field of Headless Body- a Challenging Case for Image Processing Forensic Science Expert- the related other cases search.
  • Working as Scientific Reviewer of few international and national journals: Austin Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, USA; ‘International Journal of Health Research and Medico-legal Practice (IJHRMLP); SRM Journal of Reasearch in Dental Sciences etc. (Dr D. S. Yadav)
  • Working as Editorial Board member of scientific journal: Co-Editor, of ‘International Journal of Health Research and Medico-legal Practice (IJHRMLP)’.- (Dr D. S. Yadav)
  • Delivered Lecture titled “Applications and Challenges of Next Generation Sequencing in Forensics” in as Guest Speaker on 24th 2016 in 3rd International Conference on ‘New Frontiers in Biotechnology: Science, Health and Medicine ‘GenoPro-2016’ held at Invertis University, Bareilly - (Dr D. S. Yadav)
  • Guidance to Research scholars of Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Allahabad as Co-Supervisor (Dr. S. Ahmed).
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